Tip #7: Taking Advantage of Missed Opportunities

We've all heard the phrase "fish when the fish are biting," but what if you were also the only one fishing? Here are some ideas to decrease your competition and increase returns.

  • Agents typically work Monday through Friday during regular business hours, however many customers submit quote requests on the weekends when they have more disposable time to accomplish errands. Because of this, there can be an advantage to following-up with weekend leads on the weekend since you can make contact when other agents aren't working.
  • According to a popular lead management system, leads generated on the weekend are 26% more likley to convert. It makes sense - less daily distractions make for more attentive consumers. Less competition also means less risk of consumer confusion or frustration holding up the process. And as we've mentioned before in Tip #1: The Early Bird Gets the Insurance Commission - there is a huge advantage to the company that contacts a consumer first.
  • The same concept applies to off-hour leads - like early morning or night. An agent could strategically focus their lead flow on hours that are considered too inconvenient by other agents - but very profitable for those who are working! For example, imagine an agent who was working incoming leads from 6-to-9 am while their competition is just getting to the office.
  • Your experience with a lead company will often depend on the other agents working in your area. Try experimenting with different or complementary lead types - there might be less competition for certain leads, and once you've developed a relationship with that consumer you have a base of people you can cross-sell and get referrals from.
  • Also look for trends in the geographic areas you convert well in. Since agents frequently work specific zip codes, you could discover a sweet spot where the sales regions of you and your strongest competition don't overlap.

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