Tip #5: Taking It to the Next Level with Technology

The insurance industry is rapidly adopting technology to do more with less. We share some of the tools agents use to increase the efficiency and profitability of online leads.

  • There are many technological solutions created to solve common issues agents face when working leads. Popular products and services are CRM/Lead Management Systems, Live Transfer Services, and Auto-Dialers.
  • Do you need this technology to be profitable? Absolutely not! Plenty of agents are successful with online leads without using these programs. We just want to make sure you understand some of the options available when you're ready to make a technological investment in your business.
  • CRM/Lead Management Systems manage your leads so you can follow-up with the right contact at the right time. These programs will also help you track the success of your marketing efforts.
  • Specifics will vary by company, but common CRM features include:
    • Automatically import lead information into CRM system.
    • Assignment of leads to individual producers.
    • Auto-respond to new leads, typically by sending an introductory email.
    • Send automatic follow-up emails on a customized schedule.
    • Track performance of multiple lead sources.
    • Schedule reminders for future follow-up - like birthdays or policy renewals.
    • Record email and call attempts for each lead.
    • Record notes and documents pertaining to a contact for easy retrieval.
  • There are many CRM systems competing for the insurance market at a range of price points. If you're looking for a CRM system, here is a starter list of CRM companies to investigate:
  • If you're just getting started and want an inexpensive method to stay on top of leads, use Microsoft Outlook to schedule emails for a later date, or its calendar to set follow-up reminders. Whether you schedule a follow-up call 2 days or 6 months from now, you'll have a system in place to remind you to make contact. Google Calendar is another free scheduling option that's also available.
  • Live Transfer Services will contact and pre-screen online leads before transferring the consumer directly to an agent. This method is more expensive, but also less time-consuming because the live transfer company is making the initial contact for you. Because of the higher cost, it will be important to keep track of ROI to ensure profitability. "Companies offering live transfer include Dial Your Leads and DoublePositive.
  • Auto Dialers save time by calling a lead with one click, and if the contact is unreachable it will leave a pre-recorded message while dialing your next contact. Some also scrub a list of emails against the National Do Not Call list. This list of auto dialers will help you begin your search:

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